It‘s in the mix

The numerous requirements and demands placed on elastomer products can only be successfully met by using a material that has been customized for its particular use.

The elastomer materials at our disposal have been accumulated over the years and are continually expanding. Most of the formulas and compositions used for these materials have been developed in our own laboratory. In order to meet the increasing demands of our customers, we work together with special compounders that have specific knowledge in the field of elastomer development and manufacturing. It is crucial that all the material requirements be known before development begins. It goes without saying that we offer composites for every type of licensing and certification required such as KTW, DVGW, FDA, etc.

Examples of special elastomer applications

  • Automotive industry, from shock-absorption to dynamics, from improvements in comfort to the highest safety standards, according to the specifications of well-known manufacturers
  • Chemical industries, with stringent requirements concerning chemical and heat resistance
  • Manufacturing of occupational safety products for human and environmental protection
  • Electronics industries, for the sophisticated production methods required for insulative and conductive materials, according to the VDE and other specific industrial standards.
  • The manufacturing of parts needed by mechanical engineering projects with high schock absorption properties, sealing properties and pressure resistance .
  • Food industry, the compositions are compliant with the current FDA and BGVV regulations
  • Fuel systems manufacturing of with challenging geometric characteristics with the highest swell resistance
  • For sealings and membranes with optimal characteristics required for use in control technology